Cold Soluble Agar (65℃)

Cold Soluble Agar (65℃)
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Qiongzhi, known as Agar and called Kanten in Japan. It is a kind of polysaccharide extracted from red algae such asgelidium and gracilaria, is one of most widely used algae colloids. Agar has unique gel performance and gel stability, which has a wide range of applications in food industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and biological engineering industries etc. Normally it is soluble above 95within 15 minutes, high temperature and long time needed in the process of heating and dissolving which is a major flaw in its application. DEHUI invention patent (manufacturing technology of cold soluble agar, patent no.: 201210275790.5), industrial production has been realized, DEHUI cold soluble agar has the characteristics of good solubility at low temperature, quick dissolving and high gel strength, meets the requirements of low temperature production and high quality products.


1.      Synergism: This product has the synergistic effect with a variety of sugar, sugar can improve gel strength, when the concentration of sugar is more than 40%, the transparency of the gel can be improved.

2.      Relationship between gel strength and concentration: it’s direct proportion, higher concentration, higher gel strength.

Application scope:

This product can be suitably gelling and shaping for low temperature production of high-quality nutritional food, pharmaceutical and biological products. Such as solidification type yogurt, candy, jelly, beverages, proprietary Chinese medicines, health products, culture media, etc..

 Use method and Addition amount:

To take the right amount, add to ingredients according to the production process, the production process ensures that the heating and stirring process is above 65 or 75, will form gels after cooling (<40), addition amount is decided according to production requirements.

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