Opaque Beverage Suspension Thickener

Opaque Beverage Suspension Thickener
Product Details

Opaque Beverage Suspension Thickener 


White or light yellow powder 



Particle size:

80-120 mesh 




Opaque beverage, such as daily milk, milk tea and coffee. The uniqueness of this product is the ability to function while contributing minimal mouthfeel via the formation of a uniquely functioning “fluid gel” network. This network is extremely pseudoplastic. At rest, the fluid gel has a very high apparent viscosity resulting in excellent suspension of insoluble ingredients. Because of weak molecular associations, the network is easily disrupted upon agitation, resulting in a low viscosity, smooth pour and a light, refreshing mouthfeel. Excellent for insoluble particulate suspension, with minimal mouthfeel contribution, independent of protein level. 

Packing and storage: 

25kg in paper-plastic composite bag, stored in a cool and dry place, sunscreen, damp-proof, strictly prohibited storage or transport with poisonous and harmful material. 

Shelf life: 

12 months.



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