Transparent Beverage Suspension Thickener

Transparent Beverage Suspension Thickener
Product Details

Transparent Beverage Suspension Thickener


White or light yellow powder 



Particle size:

80-120 mesh 




Transparent beverage, such as carbonated drinks, this product can serve many functions for lightly carbonated juice drinks, including thickening, suspension, stabilization and manipulating mouthfeel. Secondly, hydrocolloids can enhance body and mouthfeel in low-calorie versions without impacting the flavour of the beverage, so reducing sugar content is made easy. The hydrocolloids can be used as aids to recover body and mouthfeel when formulating no or reduced-sugar beverages. They can also used to enhance the mouthfeel of full-sugar beverages to suit diverse cultural and regional tastes. The unique ability to provide suspension of pulp, minerals and nutrients provides the opportunity to formulate novel healthy drinks. 

Packing and storage: 

25kg in paper-plastic composite bag, stored in a cool and dry place, sunscreen, damp-proof, strictly prohibited storage or transport with poisonous and harmful material. 

Shelf life: 

12 months.



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