Kappa Semi-Refined Carrageenan

Kappa Semi-Refined Carrageenan
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2.United States Standard: FCC 

3.European Standard:EC 

4.The United Nations Agriculture Department Standard:JECFA


1.Strong synergisti ceffect with konjac gum 

2.Form gel without syneresis (weepingoutofwater) 

3.Strong freezing resistance without freeze 

4.Good function as thickeners and stabilizers.


Carrageenan is widely used in Food, Medicine, Daily-Use Chemical Industry, Biochemistry, Architectural Coating, Textile Printing and Dyeing and Agriculture field.

5. In food field, carrageenan can be used as gels, thickeners, stabilizers, suspending and clarifying agent, which can be used in soft candy, jelly, ham, sausage, canned meat, ice cream, beverage, condiment, dairy, biomimetic food, jam, beer, bread, pet foodandotherfoodproducts. 

6. In medicine field, carrageenan can be used as pharmic suspending, dispersant, whichalsocanbeusedincapsuleproducts. 

7. In daily-use chemical field, carrageenan can be used in toothpaste, detergent, cosmeticsandairfresheners. 

8. In biochemistry field,Carrageenan can be used as microbial carrier and immobilized cell carrier.


1. All kinds of shipping documents including Health Certificate, Country of Origin and other formal documents can be issued. 

2. Detailed using instruction and technical guidance of the specific products can be offered. 3.Pallets and specific packing can be offered.


1. Packedas25KG/KraftPaperBag 

2. Stored in cool and dry place and avoid sunshine and moist, strictly prohibit transport with poisonous material.


Qualification Certificate:

4. HALAL Certificate 

5. ISO 22000 Certificate 

6. ISO 9001 Certificate

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