Cleaning Agent for Coke and Polymers of Metal Products

Cleaning Agent for Coke and Polymers of Metal Products
Product Details

Product Name: Powerful Cleaning Agent for Metal Mold Coking and Polymer  

Product Type: Q101A

Product Feature:

1. Is a kind of efficient and powerful cleaning agent, can quickly remove all kinds of heat coke or polymer fouling of metal surface;

2. Environmentally liquid products, non flammable, non nitrite, gasoline and MC

3. Non-toxic, simple operation, and can die cleaning, can prolong the service life of the die, improve work efficiency, remove oil and rust mild. 

Scope of application:

It’s used for cleaning of carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel and other metal molds and parts cleaning, injection mold and equipment, accessories. 

Using method:

1. Manual cleaning of hot mold

2. Manual cleaning of cold mold

3. Fully automatic mechanical equipment for mold cleaning 


1. It is alkaline solution, the use of rubber gloves and protective glasses to wear, such as accidentally touched the skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, serious should be a doctor

2. After cleaning the mold, apply the oil releasing agent or rust inhibitor before drying 

Packing, Storage and Transport:

1. 20kg per drum

2. Transport as non hazard goods, cannot be packed by the materials contain aluminum, magnesium or zinc.

3. Properly use it can’t cause the damage, if need the full details, please ask us MSDS. 

Shelf Life:

12 months





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