Cleaning Agent for Oil of Metal Products

Cleaning Agent for Oil of Metal Products
Product Details

Product Name: Cleaning Agent for Metal Products Oil Dirt 

Product Type: Q100A 

Product Feature:

1. Based on the high purity and low toxic hydrocarbon solvent, the related additives were added into the mixture.

2. With depth and strong decontamination function, can quickly remove the mold cavity and equipment surface grease, dust and moisture, no damage to the metal. 

Scope of application:

It’s used for cleaning of grease, dust and water on the surface of plastic products and metal instruments. Other cleaning for the surface of the hard material, the material compatibility test should be carried out firstly.

Using method:

1. Holding the container to keep the tank upward, in the distance about 500px from the surface, light press nozzle several times.

2. The extended nozzle can be used for cleaning. 


1. Flammable materials, must be far away from the fireworks and heat source

2. There is pressure in the bottle, not to be damaged or burned.

3. Keep good ventilation in the work place.

4. Don't burn bottles, spray off the contents in a safe place before discard, and use the nails to pierce the bottles wall.

Packing, Storage and Transport:

1. 600ml aerosol cans, 24 cans per case.

2. Transport as hazard goods, stored in a cool and dry place below 40℃.

3. Properly use it can’t cause the damage, if need the full details, please ask us MSDS. 

Shelf Life:

12 months





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