Application of carrageenan

Carrageenan stable, dry place is not easy to degrade long. It is stable in neutral and alkaline solution, even heating are not hydrolyzed in acidic solutions (pH values ≤ 4.0 in particular) carrageenan prone to acid hydrolysis, and gel strength and viscosity drops. Worth noting is that in the neutral condition, whose carrageenan high temperature heating also hydrolyzed, resulting in gel strength. All types of carrageenan can dissolve in hot water and hot milk. Soluble in hot water to form a viscous clear or slightly Opalescent fluid solution. Carrageenan only swelling not soluble in cold water.

Carrageenan-based nature, in the food industry often used as a thickening agent, gelling agent, suspending agent, emulsifier and stabilizer. And the production of carrageenan and its rheological properties have a great relationship, and thus grasp the rheological properties of carrageenan and its variation in different conditions of production is of great significance.