Pudding powder

L with carrageenan and carob pudding powder glue. B. Natural seaweed gel g as coagulant (IE pudding stabilizers), using SSL and going it alone T-95 with Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate as an emulsifier, mix eggs, sugar, oil and other ingredients and mix into the water.

Pudding powder formulations and production methods belongs to the food technology field. Invention pure natural ingredients, nutrient-rich, color, aroma and taste, can be used to make a variety of practices such as coffee, frozen, fresh fruit pudding

In General, the pudding and the proportion of water is 1:10, that is, made 2500g pudding 250g pudding powder.

1, 500ml of water to the boil, turn a small fire, add 50 g pudding powder, mix in the pan with a spoon.

2, according to individual taste with the right amount of sugar.

3, burn to a slight boil, confirm the pudding powder is completely dissolved remove from heat.

4, pour the pudding solution in the container or mold, natural cooling.

5, hot day when, after the natural cover refrigerate after cooling, remove and serve immediately.

6, pudding if you have white particles on the surface of finished products was no pudding powder is completely dissolved, and air bubbles do not affect food.