Rubber chemical classification

1. rubber vulcanizing agent including curing agents (crosslinker), accelerators, activators and anti-coking agent, and so on.

2. rubber protection additives including antioxidants, antiozonant, Flex crack resistance agents, light stabilizers, UV absorbers, unwanted metal inhibitors, physics, antioxidant, termite-proof agents, preservatives and so on.

3. rubber reinforcing agents include carbon black, silica, metal oxides, salts, resins, etc

4. rubber additives including m-white and cobalt systems bonding agents and adhesives

5. process auxiliaries including plastic solutions agent, even softening agents, solvent, plasticizer, agent, lubricant, dispersing agent, thickening agent, release agents, mold release agents, and so on.

6. special additives include colouring agents, foaming agents, defoaming agent, thickening agent, creaming agent, wetting agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, solidification agent, thermal, anti-webbing agent, preservative, preservative, fire retardant, antistatic agents and fragrances.