Rubber chemicals trends

Product localization

China tire enterprises have their own brands, global brand, you have to have its own set of core technologies. We do not rule out the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment and rubber additives and so on, but these are for our use, not to being stuck at a critical moment, so localization is very important. In terms of localization, first there are guaranteed, not sporadic, while stable quality, not good and bad. If quantity does not guarantee quality does not move on a stable, will make the tire industry spends a lot of energy to deal with temporary change of the rubber chemicals and possible problems. We emphasize the localization, localization of attention, there is an important reason, is the price. Rubber chemicals are expensive in foreign countries, we are forced to use it. If the localized number of rubber chemicals guaranteed, stable quality, excellent performance and low price, will be welcomed by the tire company. As far as I know, many foreign-funded enterprises in the procurement of rubber chemicals production in China.

Requirements report

According to Freedonia research report, the next 3 year global rubber chemicals sales to annual average growth of 4.7% continues to grow, 2015 will reach about 1.4 million tons.

Reports also pointed out that rubber demand will lead global growth in Asia Pacific, especially in China. Asia-Pacific demand for rubber will be 8.1% 's average annual growth in the fast-growing, more than 575,000 tons by 2015. The contrast is, United States, Western Europe and Japan rubber AIDS needs average growth in the coming years will be less than 1%.

Average annual speed antioxidant of 4.6% demand is expected to grow. By 2015, promoters demand is expected to exceed 415,000 tonnes, viscosity increasing agent processing aid and demand will reach nearly 130,000 tons.