Soft powdered materials

Compound food gum in compound foods additive in most representative, most at home and abroad for its research and application. Compound food gum refers to two or more food gel according to a certain proportion of a food additive is a composite product. Generalized definition of compound food gum and also includes the following: one or more rubber plastic food and non-food categories of food additives (or edible chemicals such as salts) compound are additive. Complex agar, carrageenan and other ingredients of the compound food gum then it would make a strong gel, transparent, crystal clear, high flexibility and delicate taste of fudge. Compound through food gum soft fudge made from powdered sugar, smooth texture, flexibility, transparency, and add a small amount of low cost, freeze-thaw temperature can be adjusted, and is not sticky.

Market prospects

At present, elastic gel soft sweets production and processing, are generally edible gum after weighing, add water, heat the cooked glue and boil the syrup and then sugar and processed from Sol mixture to boil. Research personnel through large repeatedly experiment, through repeatedly trial, eventually find has best of complex distribution raw materials and the dosage, by the low cost soft powdered sugar processing gel rubber fudge, without advance heating Sol, as long as soaking Hou that and sucrose, and syrup, ingredients mixed heating through business, such reduced has process, operation more convenient, also save has energy, processing out of fudge and after pre Sol process processing out of fudge compared, found quality also ideal, after about manufacturers practice also get has validation, the class soft powdered sugar will has is good of market prospects.