Thickening agent

Thickener is a food additive, mainly used to improve and increase consistency of food, keep the flow of food, gel food color, aroma, taste and stability, improving food and physical properties, and lubricates the food palatable. Thickening agents can increase viscosity or gel formation of food, thus changing the physical properties of foods, gives sticky food run and superb taste, and role of emulsifying, stabilizing or was suspended, China approved the use of thickeners has 39. Thickening agents are hydrophilic polymers, also known as a water Sol. According to the sources can be divided into natural and synthetic (including semi-synthetic) in two categories.

Thickener is a rheological additives, not only can make the coating thickened, prevent sagging construction and gives excellent mechanical properties and storage stability of coating. For low viscosity waterborne coatings, is a very important class of additives.

Be divided into water and oil. Especially the thickener used in water phase is more common. Thickening agent is essentially a rheological additives, after adding the thickening agent can adjust the rheology, thickening makes adhesives and sealants to prevent the fill material deposition, gives good mechanical stability, rheology control construction process (when sizing without sagging, dripping, does not fly liquid), also plays a role to reduce costs.