Smooth Taste Fruit Jam Stabilizer

Smooth Taste Fruit Jam Stabilizer
Product Details

Dense Taste Fruit Jam Stabilizer 


White or light yellow powder 



Particle size:

80-120 mesh 




The role of stabilizers in the fruit processing industry is to provide consumer appealing textures, and uniform fruit distribution during manufacturing and subsequent transportation. In addition, the stabilizer should not adversely affect the flavour release and colour of the product. Stabilizers can also be used to impart heat stability and pumpability in bakery fillings, thermo-reversibility in bakery glazes, and starch reduction/replacement in both yoghurt fruit preparations and bakery fillings. 

Packing and storage: 

25kg in paper-plastic composite bag, stored in a cool and dry place, sunscreen, damp-proof, strictly prohibited storage or transport with poisonous and harmful material.

Shelf life: 

12 months.



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