“ Qingdao City Halobios Red Alga Specialist Research Workstation”is Established In Qingdao Dehui Halobios And Technology CO.,LTD

On 28th January, the awarding ceremony of “ Qingdao City Halobios Red Alga Specialist Research Workstation “to Qingdao Dehui Company is established ceremoniously in Qingdao Dehui Huashan Enterprise Zone.

The professor Mr. Yuxi Wei, who is the subdecanal of Qingdao University Life Sciences Academy; The professor Ms. Meizi Pu from Qingdao Agriculture UniversityFood Sciences Academy; The professor Mr. Haiying Lv from Shandong Science And Technology University Chemical Sciences Academy; The professor Mr. Qiu Cui from Chinese Sciences Academy Energy Research Institute; The director Mr. Li from Jimo City People Club Bureau; The director Mr.Li from Jimo City High-tech Zone Management Committee; The Company Chairman Mr.Songtao Yang and all the R & D Engineer of Qingdao Dehui Company have attended the awarding ceremony together.

This awarding ceremony got the high attention from the Jimo City People Club Bureau and High-Tech Zone Management Committee and are reported in the“ Chinese Jimo City Website ”and “ Jimo Government Website” in the below IE