The Spring Product Launch Of Qingdao Dehui Was Held Ceremoniously

On the morning of February 10, 2017, Qingdao Dehui's spring 2017 products conference was held on the second floor of the development building of Qingdao Dehui enterprise garden. Meeting from Qingdao Dehui Halobios Science And Technology Co.,Ltd. operations director Shengnan  Dong, song-tao Yang, chairman of VIP client department, Marketing Department, customer service and all members of the ministry of foreign trade, as well as from Roland and Liaocheng Xinhengji Co., LTD attended the press conference together.


At the meeting, the product engineers of the company's product technology center made a presentation and demonstration of the new products. Among them,the DH6 modified products and linseed products has a strong response. At the same time, this season's instant AGAR caused a stir at low temperature 65 . Low temperature solubility technology is in the forefront of the industry .


At the meeting, the product engineers and application engineers gave detailed instructions on the application of our products and showed them the finished products. The clients and marketers carefully compared and experienced the relevant sample traits.


After the meeting, the customer and the marketing personnel engaged in a heated discussion about the related products, and the product engineer was able to answer the relevant question one by one.

After the meeting, the sales manager in the Marketing Department, under the guidance of Jiang Yifu from liaocheng Xinhengji Co., LTD., visited the company showroom, related to the company product and development have further understanding.


At noon, Qingdao Dehui's spring 2017 product press conference successfully concluded. The meeting has successfully released the new product of the year, and the sales staff have further strengthened their understanding of the products. 2017, respond to the central call, roll up your sleeves and work together to create a better tomorrow!