Qingdao Dehui Was Invited To Attend The Annual Meeting Of The Henan Meat Association

On December 28, 2016, the annual meeting of the meat association of henan province was held in zhengzhou.


Site, the information industry hall secretary of henan province deputy director-general of the zhen-jie Chen, investment and financing in henan province association executive vice President of GengYuYin, henan province food and drug administration of food safety office director jian-jun ma, henan meat association Liu Chengxin made a keynote speech, participating and software solutions (Beijing) co., LTD., director of blue and white porcelain Zhang Houtao ,Dehui Halobios Science And Technology Co.,LTD. Dong Shengnan operations director, an agriculture and animal husbandry group vice chairman Hou wuqun, dish of happiness holding group, henan, henan area general manager ChuYunTing imported meat specified port head HouYaFeng etc., from more than hundred industry related enterprises in the province, head of the joint of meat food industry development prospects and related matters.


As a new member of the henan meat association for the first time, Dong Shengnan, director of operation of Qingdao Dehui Halobios Co., LTD. spoke at the meeting. In his speech, director of Qingdao Dehui dong has carried on the brief introduction, and mainly to the units on behalf of the company's achievements in technology are introduced, and the company's hardware and software.

Later, the conference participants had a lively discussion on the development of the meat industry in henan province and the next stage of the industry. Qingdao Dehui, baby eagle animal husbandry and other enterprises received high praise on the scene. In the end, the meeting agreed on the work of the institute and the collaboration of the member units. In a warm and happy atmosphere, the meeting concluded successfully.