Shandong Wandfu Co., LTD. Is In Our Company To Conduct Supplier Audit


On November 15, 2016, shandong Wonderful industrial supplier audit team in quality management department general led, Cui a line of three people came to Qingdao Dehui Halobios Science And technology  Co., LTD., huashan enterprise garden for supplier audit.

Manager Cui of QA of the company , director of purchasing department manager zhang ,Dehui commissioner  Zhang Yaodong, accompanied by Danghuan, visited the company showroom, quality management department manager Liu Meiye introduced details of the production and quality control. During the period, Cui always questioned the details of the company's production and quality control, and my firm's strict quality management was praised by Cui in general.


Then,  director of the director and Guo Yufen, visited our factory, mainly check the meat carrageenan thickener agent and distribution of meat production line. On the production line, Cui focused on the question of the bacterium control and the company's PCO. The director of the state has given detailed answers to the relevant questions, and has also made a detailed introduction to the manufacturing process of our company, increasing our understanding of our customers.

Then, combined with the manager Cui visited our QC center and R&D center, to our research and development strength and the attitude of responsible for each shipment.

Finally, in the company conference room, manager cui  for the company's qualification documents and all production quality traceability filings are reviewed in detail, and the key file copy for the record.

3 PM, all Wonderful industrial supplier audit team successfully completing the assessment, Qingdao Dehui, the rigorous work style, serious and responsible spirit to the inspection team left a deep impression. Qingdao Dehui Halobios Science And Technology Co., LTD. ,is willing to cooperate with customers from home and abroad with the aim of producing high quality and high quality products.