What is carrageenan? Also called carrageenan, carrageenan or carrageenan is extracted, separated from the marine red alga, can be used as a thickener, gelling agent and stabilizer are widely used in the modern food industry, to improve the quality of the food appearance. Carrageenan is a natural polysaccharide hydrophilic glue, generally white to light yellow powder, odorless and tasteless. Cara's glue is very soluble and the water temperature can be completely dissolved at 80 degrees centigrade. The gel formed is a reversible gel, which melts the solution into a solution, cools it, and then forms the gel. Carrageenan has good stability, even if it is heated in neutral and alkaline, it will not hydrolyze.

The main food industry in the production and use of kappa carrageenan is, L - type, lambda type three types. The thickening and gelling properties of different types of carrageenan are very different. Kappa carrageenan potassium ions can form a solid gel, and potassium ion on iota carrageenan lambda and only slight influence. Calcium makes iota carrageenan form a soft, elastic gel, but the nature of the lambda carrageenan had no effect.

Lambda carrageenan can be dissolved in most cold milk, and increase its viscosity, but kappa type and iota - carrageenan in cold milk to soluble or insoluble. The only solution of kappa carrageenan and L - type can form a gel, greatly influencing the solidification of some cations. Carrageenan, which is a sodium salt, is not coagulated in pure water, and the addition of potassium, rubidium, cesium, ammonium, or calcium can greatly improve its coagulation. In a certain range, the solidification performance increases with the increase of these cations concentration.

Carrageenan, carrageenan, what?

Carrageenan can be mixed with a variety of gum. Some polysaccharides also affect the coagulation properties of carrageenan. Such as adding xanthan gum and carrageenan gel can make more soft and thicker and more resilient; xanthan gum and carrageenan iota - type can reduce food dehydration shrinkage; kappa carrageenan and konjac gum interact to form a flexible heat reversible gel; the addition of locust bean gum can significantly improve the kappa carrageenan. The gel strength and elasticity; corn and wheat starch gel strength of it is improved; carboxymethyl cellulose decreased the gel strength; potato starch and cassava starch had no effect on it.

Application of carrageenan in food industry. The addition of a small amount of carrageenan in ice cream can improve the cake body, so delicate, smooth, delicious, easy to melt when placed. The combination of r- carrageenan and carboxymethyl cellulose is better. Used in cocoa milk cake, cocoa milk and cocoa, cocoa powder is evenly dispersed and stabilized in milk and syrup. The use of pasteurization process, carrageenan should be used. If concentrated syrup is used, the syrup should be added to the milk before the bag, and carrageenan shall be used. Adding carrageenan in bread increases its water holding capacity, thereby delaying hardening, keeping freshness, and preventing aging.

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