Carrageenan, also called carrageenan, is extracted from marine red alga in natural polysaccharide gum, the sulfate binding forms are different, can be divided into K type, I type, L type, widely used in the field of food industry, chemical industry, medical and biochemical research etc.. Carrageenan is a kind of hydrophilic colloid, which has the characteristics of gel, thickening, emulsification, stability and dispersion. So it is widely used in Yu Guodong, dairy products, ice cream, fruit juice, meat products, spices and so on. It can be made into jelly powder, soft sweets powder, pudding powder, meat product, thickening agent, etc..

Domestic commonly used carrageenan is K type carrageenan. Carrageenan has good solubility, and all types of carrageenan can dissolve in hot water. In cold water, the sodium salt of carrageenan and carrageenan can also dissolve, but the potassium salts and calcium salts of carrageenan can only absorb water and expand, but can not dissolve. Gels formed by carrageenan are thermally reversible, i.e., heating, condensing, melting into a solution, and forming a gel when the solution is cooled. Strong, brittle gel formed by carrageenan K, which causes shrinkage and dehydration and can cause adverse effects in meat products. When K carrageenan was added to locust bean gum, its elasticity and rigidity would be improved, and its cohesion would be enhanced with the increase of locust bean gum concentration. When the ratio of two kinds of gum is 1:1, the rupture strength of the gel is very high, which makes the meat products have good palatability.

Carrageenan can improve the water retention of the product, and because of its complex with proteins, provide quite a good organizational structure, the product has a delicate, good elasticity, good slice, brittle moderate, tender and tasty. Phosphates can improve the taste of meat products. Cushioning PH is worth changing, making meat products resilient, chewy and soft and juicy.


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