Carrageenan For Meat Products

Carrageenan can be used in meat products to maintain moisture, flavor, texture, cutting, freezing, melting and stability benefits. As for the ham ham sausage and carrageenan gel, emulsion, can play water, enhance the elasticity effect, especially water retention appropriate, even making high yield of product, it can also have good water holding capacity, and because of its complex with proteins, which can provide organizational structure very good, so that products are delicate, good slice, good taste, good elasticity, ductile brittle moderate, tender and refreshing performance, so as to improve product quality, reduce the cost, is the production of food additives required ham.

In addition, because carrageenan is dispersed in cold salt and does not increase the concentration of brine, it is not inconvenient to treat water in poultry meat. The combination of K and L carrageenan or K carrageenan with locust bean gum will make broth gel, and the flavoring will also be suspended in broth, clearly visible, and can keep the flavor of fish in the can. K carrageenan, locust bean gum and KCL solution, forms a membrane on the surface of frozen fish, which protects the fish from being broken and remains intact during processing without mechanical damage. In ham production, K carrageenan combines with free water and acts with proteins to ensure moisture content and soluble protein content.

Meat products carrageenan

In recent years, the number of poultry food market demand continues to rise, consumers need easy processing, price stability and high protein low-fat meat, so meat processors are brought in poultry by heat treatment or mechanical handling problems. These problems include protein denaturation (will change the texture or loss of water), fat oxidation (will lead to the loss of flavor) and freezing thawing stability (which will produce ice, in the meat so that the meat texture deterioration), and these problems can be used carrageenan, phosphate, salt, starch other additives to complete.

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