Carrageenan Meat Products

Carrageenan, also called carrageenan, is extracted from red algae polysaccharide of natural plant gum, because the sulfate binding forms are different, can be divided into K type, I type, L type, widely used in the field of food industry, chemical industry, medical and biochemical research etc..

Carrageenan is a kind of hydrophilic colloid, which has the characteristics of gel, thickening, emulsification, stability and dispersion. So it is widely used in Yu Guodong, dairy products, ice cream, fruit juice, meat products, spices and so on. It can be made into jelly powder, soft sweets powder, pudding powder, meat product, thickening agent, etc..

Carrageenan can be mixed with a variety of colloids, play a synergistic effect. Carrageenan in Qingdao is mainly made up of carrageenan, which is better than single colloid. Xanthan gum can make carrageenan gel softer, more viscous and more elastic. Xanthan gum and carrageenan can reduce food shrinkage. Konjac gum and carrageenan interaction between the formation of a flexible thermal gel; locust bean gum can significantly improve carrageenan gel strength and elasticity; carboxymethyl cellulose can reduce carrageenan gel strength; gel strength of corn and wheat starch on carrageenan has elasticity.

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