Chiba Tofu Glue

Qingdao Hui Hui Marine Biological Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of high quality 1000 page tofu glue, strictly enforce the standard GB 26687-2011, quality and quantity of the completion of production tasks. Chiba tofu has strong reactivity with protein and can be crosslinked with protein to produce elastic and tough structure, and the process is simple and easy to operate. Suitable for Chiba bean curd and other bean products.

Usage method:

1. material preparation: according to the material ratio, said water (water temperature below 5 DEG C), soy protein, vegetable oil, Chiba tofu gel materials such as separation, standby;

2., 4/5 ice water into the chopping machine, open chopper mixer, low speed to add soy protein isolate powder, and mix evenly, high speed chopped 3-5 minutes until the protein paste thick;

3., add vegetable oil, low speed chopping, mixing, and then chopped for 2-3 minutes, until the paste evenly thick;

4., add Chiba tofu glue, high speed chopped evenly;

5. add starch and remaining ice water, mix evenly;

6. add salt, monosodium glutamate, and other ingredients, fully mixing evenly;

7., will be even and delicate half flow emulsion quickly into the mold, 0-4 hours under refrigeration for 7-8 hours, solid shape, until the material is elastic;

8. Cooking: under normal pressure, cook for about 30 minutes at 55-60 DEG C, steam for 30-60 minutes at 80 DEG C until the product is fully aged.

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