Classification Of Carrageenan In Meat Products

Because the processing technology of different meat products is different, so the use of carrageenan is not the same. The meat product carrageenan is usually divided according to its use procedure.

Injection carrageenan:

Injection carrageenan is mainly designed for meat products such as barbecue, sauce and meat products. When in use, it needs to be dispersed in brine, injected into the meat products by injection needles, and distributed evenly in the meat tissues. Therefore, the fineness and dispersion of injection carrageenan are very important. The preparation of salt water should be dissolved in water before adding salt, such as ascorbic acid, phosphate, soy protein and so on. After adding salt, the injected carrageenan will be dispersed in water. The temperature should not exceed 2 degrees before the brine is injected. Injection carrageenan is usually made from a combination of processed, high quality carrageenan. During hot processing, when the center temperature was above 60-75 DEG C, the carrageenan particles in the meat began to dissolve, and the water and soluble proteins in the meat were twisted together. When the center temperature is below 50-60 degrees, carrageenan gels into a large network of meat. The temperature at which carrageenan starts swelling increases with the concentration of salt.

Roller kneading and chopping carrageenan:

Generally speaking, roll kneaded carrageenan and chopped carrageenan are usually made from crude carrageenan. The difference is not very large. But the role of the two in meat products is different, and the working procedure is different. The rolling process in meat products is a very important process, especially in low temperature meat products, such as: injection of meat, sausage and ham recombinant classes mentioned above, are required by the rolling process to make the meat protein precipitation can fully, make food additive (including carrageenan) and water with the combination of heavy meat protein. It plays a very important role in the formation of good structure of meat products. Minced meat is accomplished by chopping process, in the high-speed cutting cutter cut the meat grain with the addition of food additives (including carrageenan) and water emulsion evenly into the meat, forming a good organizational structure. Roller carrageenan is mainly to strengthen the meat or meat between the sticky and thickening. It is used in the same way as the injection of carrageenan. It is best to mix it with salt water and then add salt water and other ingredients and meat to the roller. Chopping type carrageenan in meat between the effect of thickening, emulsifying and water holding. It is usually added at the end of the chopping process with other fillings to add the remaining ice water.

Meat products carrageenan

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