Cleaning Agent

Cleaning agent is a big category, a wide range, including cleaning inorganic and organic cleaning type. The difference between organic and organic cleaning agent cleaning agent simply organic cleaning agents cleaning agents made of carbon-containing compounds are, inorganic Qing Shen is not cleaning agents made of carbon-containing compounds, so they are inorganic. Cleaning a lot of classification methods, States are different, we usually split into water, half water, three main types of non-water cleaning agent.

Cleaning agents (water base)

Surface active agents (such as sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid, fatty alcohol sodium sulfate) and various additives (such as sodium tripolyphosphate), adjuvant mixture, at the time of washing the dirt surface, can reduce the surface tension of aqueous solutions, improving the effect of decontamination materials. Product appearance consists of solid detergents and liquid detergent. Largest solid detergent production, customarily called washing powder, including fine-powdered, granular and hollow particle. There is between the paste detergents, also known as laundry paste. Synthetic detergents have different production processes, most complicated one is of solid detergents. World production of white granular solid detergents, towers spray-drying method is used, the main processes slurry preparation, spray drying and aging air and packaging. Liquid detergent manufacture is simple, simply surfactants, additives, pigments and other additives, as well as the treated water, blend into the mixer.