Cleaning Comparison

(A) the corrosion of metals

Pickling of boiler, central air conditioning, heat exchange equipment of corrosive damage are inevitable, particularly hydrogen damage, can cause the metal texture is destroyed, which led to hydrogen induced cracking and hydrogen embrittlement, to pose a potential risk to the safe operation of heat exchange equipment.

Environmentally friendly cleaning agent using a biodegradable bio-acid, after State authorities test measured corrosion rate of the national standard of 1/20 and even below the rate of corrosion of metals in water, pickling corrosion rate is 1%, even cleaning liquid damage on the skin are not.

(B) the cleaning effect

Pickling process due to its fear of acid corrosion of equipment, resulting in damage to the equipment, so each is not cleaned for a long time, is likely to result in cleaning is not complete, despite a certain cleaning effect, but will soon have scaling issues.

Environmentally friendly cleaning agent in addition to relying on its own advantages without corrosion, dissolving the efficiency is very high, liquid can clean per kg 4 kg scale, only 2-3 hours and most of the cleaning, improves the cleaning efficiency.

(C) the toxicity and environmental impact

Pickling corrosion inhibitors corrosion due to its acid decomposition of toxic biohazard great, serious environmental pollution, acid is toxic pollution cleaning.

Main components of advanced biological agents are biodegradable, and non-toxic, non-corrosive and difficult to burn, such as scale and quality do not contain harmful substances, cleaning waste water can be discharged directly.