Compound Thickening Agent For Meat Products

Qingdao Hui Hui marine biological science and Technology Co., Ltd. compound meat products carrageenan thickening agent for natural plant hydrocolloid. The gel, water retention, emulsification, shaping, enhance the elasticity effect in meat products; the structure of meat delicate, slice, ductile brittle moderate, elastic, not easy to condensate water, improve product quality and reduce production costs in the production of meat products, an efficient meat thickener. Dehui brand meat carrageenan (mixed meat thickener) divided into injection type and rolling type two series products, the main components of carrageenan, konjac powder, potassium chloride, implementation of the national standard GB 26687-2011, suitable for ham sausage, sausage, lunch meat and other meat products, emulsified minced fish products, barbecue (smoke) products, food products, soup products; reference dosage is 0.4-0.8% of the total amount of manufactured goods.

Compound thickening agent for meat products

This product is a carrageenan as the main raw material, carrageenan is a kind of natural food ingredients, is a unique natural colloid protein reactive microglia, it can form uniform gel and protein, so add in meat products, forming a huge network structure will be heated, can maintain a large amount of water in meat products the gravy reduce loss, and has good elasticity and toughness. At the same time, carrageenan also prevents the loss of salt soluble myosin and actin, inhibits the dissolution and volatilization of umami components, and reduces the water activity of meat products and prolongs the shelf life of meat products.

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