Flaxseed Gum

Flaxseed gum is a new type of edible gum gum, flaxseed gum, alias Frank, is pitted in Dryland of northern oil crops Hu natural polymer composite plastic materials through selection, washing, extraction, solid-liquid separation, decoloration, filtration, concentration and drying and get, is a kind of sugar as the main seed gum. It not only has good moisturizing effect, but also has large capacity, can replace the pectin, agar, Arabia glue, seaweed glue in the food industry, used as a thickener, binder, emulsifying agent and foaming agent. In addition, flaxseed gum has a large elasticity, which is different from guar gum, xanthan gum, konjac gum and other colloid. It is a kind of colloid with strong viscoelasticity. Because of its excellent functional characteristics, it is widely used in meat products, beverages, freezing point, high-grade cakes, condiments and other foods. It also has a broad application prospect in health care products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other industries.

Flaxseed gum, also known as Frank gum, yellow crystal particles, or white to slightly yellow powder, slightly sweet flavor. Soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. Flaxseed gum is a polysaccharide mixture (acidic polysaccharides mainly) and a small amount of protein, flaxseed gum of high salt tolerance ability is poor, but low salt tolerance, even in high concentration also influence on the viscosity of flaxseed gum, but also has enhanced its gelation strength, improve the transparency of the effect.

The synergistic effect of flaxseed gum and xanthan gum, guar gum, konjac gum, Arabia gum, CMC-Na and other natural polysaccharide hydrocolloid system is also very significant, mainly in the solution viscosity greatly, acid resistance, salt tolerance, better emulsifying effect. Suspension stability, moisture improvement, etc..

The application of flaxseed gum in ice cream production: flaxseed gum can improve the viscosity of slurry ice cream; improve the dispersion of oil and oil containing solid particles; to prevent or inhibit the growth of the ice and the ice slag appear time delay; improve the taste of ice cream, the internal structure and appearance; improve the dispersion stability of the system and anti ice cream thawing. The flaxseed gum should be used in ice cream, the results show that it can effectively improve the ice slurry viscosity, fully emulsified oil, so as to make ice cream taste exquisite, but also improve the melting resistance and rate of finished products.

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