High Transparent Filter Free Jelly Powder

Qingdao Dehui halobios technology limited production of high transparent jelly powder free filter, mainly by carrageenan, konjac powder and other raw materials compounded, strict implementation of the standard GB 26687-2011, product features of the high transparent jelly powder free filter has high transparency, without filtering, no impurities; no water play tough moderate acid; strong pH3.5-4.5, can withstand 88 degrees 20 minutes sterilization; crisp taste, that is the entrance. Mainly applicable to high transparent fruit jelly, jelly and other meat jelly products exported to japan.

Usage method:

1. mix the jelly powder with some granulated sugar;

2. add syrup and sugar to the container, add distilled water to it, stir the mixture of jelly powder and white granulated sugar in the condition of continuous stirring, heat, boil, heat the 3min, and add water;

3., adjust the acid: citric acid, sodium citrate into the warm water (2 times warm water), dissolved, stir evenly;

4. dissolve potassium sorbate and sweetener in small amount of warm water, and prepare essence and pigment;

5. until the temperature dropped to 85 degrees centigrade and adding sweeteners (sodium cyclamate, Acesulfame-K), potassium sorbate, essence and pigment, finally adding acid, stir evenly, filling, sealing;

6.85 degrees of sterilization, 15 minutes, cooling.

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