Hot Soup Porridge Thickening Agent

Qingdao Hui Hui marine Bio Technology Co., Ltd. produces hot soup, porridge, thickener, strict implementation of standard GB 26687-2011. It is mainly made up of natural colloid such as guar gum, xanthan gum and konjac powder. Hot drinks, sugar porridge thickening agent with thickening effect is good, sticky, stable, non wire drawing, mellow taste, smooth, high transparency, cold and hot viscosity difference is small, no odor, will not form gel. Suitable for hot drinks, sugar, porridge products.

Usage method:

Hot soup, porridge, thickener, rubber powder, cold and hot can be added.

Methods 1., according to a certain proportion, called hot soup, porridge, thickener, powder, slowly stir into the water under the mixing, so that it dispersed evenly, after use.

Method 2. mix the granulated sugar or seasoning with hot soup, porridge, thickener and dry powder, then add to the water slowly to disperse it evenly and then use it.

Qingdao Tak Hui marine Bio Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of natural edible colloid, is committed to providing food texture overall solution. We always uphold the "Li Dexin, Wyse industrial" business philosophy, the spirit of "pay attention to the quality of health care, as in the past" sense of responsibility, for the Chinese food industry, for the health of the Chinese people to contribute to a positive energy! We have a strong R & D team and a line of equipment, instruments, to meet the reasonable needs of our customers, welcomed the new and old customers to guide!