How Is Carrageenan Used?

How about using glue? Qingdao Hui Hui marine biological science and Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in carrageenan production and research and development, the use of high-quality natural algae extract carrageenan, to ensure product quality. Next, I'd like to introduce how carrageenan is used correctly.

The use of carrageenan is very simple, as long as it is mixed with other dry ingredients, you can continue the next process as usual, without any adjustments to the original process. The application in cooked ham in the case, the carrageenan and dry ingredients were mixed, with a stirring method to add the mixture into a brine mixture, can better dispersed in the meantime, the subsequent injection or mixing processes are more easily; the application in meat. Also should first be carrageenan and other dry ingredients such as spices and functional ingredients of pre mixed, then the mixture is added to the meat. One thing to note is that the particles of the carrageenan are very young, and if they are added directly to the cutting machine, the dust will appear.

Carrageenan to over 70 DEG C, in order to play its protein reactivity, water holding function, so whether it is used in cooked ham or meat, must maintain sufficient processing temperature. As for the dosage of carrageenan, depending on the different products.

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