Konjac Gum Producer

Konjac glucomannan is the main component of glucomannan, which belongs to soluble polysaccharides. It is an ideal soluble dietary fiber and super low calorie, according to the effect of nutrition. Konjac gum has five main functions in health care:

First, the food fiber in the stomach absorption of water swelling, increased volume, increased satiety, soluble fiber formed a colloidal, delaying the absorption of glucose and fat. Gradually reduce blood sugar and blood lipid levels.

Second, shorten the time of food in the stomach to stay, in general, ordinary food will take 28 hours to empty from the gut, and rich in dietary fiber food only 14-16 hours, which greatly reduced the absorption of harmful substances.

Third, food fiber can also absorb and dilute carcinogens and toxic substances, so that they exclude the body, so as to a certain extent, has the function of cancer prevention.

Fourth, fiber digestion in the intestines, resulting in decreased intestinal pH, affecting anaerobic bacteria metabolism, become a source of anti-tumor factors.

Fifth, food fiber can also promote cholesterol into cholic acid, reducing bile acid through the liver recycling, thereby reducing cholesterol, and thus can inhibit the rise of cholesterol.

Konjac gum manufacturer - Qingdao Hui biological

Qingdao Hui Hui marine Bio Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of konjac gum. It is dedicated to R & D of natural edible gum. With a strong R & D team and a line of equipment, instruments, we can according to customer demand to produce satisfactory products. We cherish the reputation of being "the expert of natural edible gum" in the industry! Of course, this is inseparable from your support and encouragement.