Linseed Lignans

Lignan is natural phenolic compounds by bimolecular phenylpropanoid synthesis, distributed in the plants and seeds. It is necessary for the human body, but it can not be synthesized, can only be supplemented by food intake. The biologically active substance contained in the skin of linseed – linseed lignan, it's one of phytoestrogens, its structure is very similar to that of human estrogen. In foods that are known to contain lignin, linseed content is the highest, about 2.1-5.8% of seed skin, is 100-800 times higher than other fish oil containing phenolics, such as deep sea fish oil.

Linseed Lignan can regulate hormone levels in the body, there is the effect of adjuvant therapy or prevention for estrogen dependent disease, such as: mammary cancer, prostatic cancer, menstrual syndrome, osteoporosis and etc. In addition, clinical research shows it also has the important effect for diabetes, gastrointestinal tumors, coronary heart disease, renal disease and so on. In recent years, research institutes from Canada, Australia, UK and USA, a lot of work has been done on the efficacy of linseed lignans, and it has been successfully used in various foods application.