Low Temperature Instant Agar

The selection of high quality natural agar agar, Gracilaria vegetables, seaweed and other algae as raw materials made of gelatin products, contains a variety of elements, and possesses the function of Qingre, spleen appetizer. Agar is hydrophilic colloid, divided into strips and powder, insoluble in cold water, soluble in hot water. But agar can only dissolve slowly at 95 degrees Celsius, a major flaw in the current process. In order to solve this problem, Qingdao Hui Hui marine biological science and technology company developed a low temperature instant agar in 2012 and invented the patent of "low temperature instant agar preparation technology"!

Compared with agar agar, instant temperature has five major advantages: 1.65 degrees Celsius temperature can accelerate the dissolution of instant: agar at 65 C, the general can only do agar at 95 DEG C, slow dissolution; 2. meet the cooling process; 3. high gel strength: preparation of agar gel strength at low temperature than the ordinary instant 4. analysis of water agar; agar occurs: general analysis of water, low temperature and instant agar does not occur water separation phenomenon; 5. add less.

Low temperature instant agar can effectively replace gelatin in the mixing yoghurt and solidifying yoghurt, and has good gel forming property, thickening property and natural safety. In the stirred yogurt, the low temperature instant agar can make the taste smooth, delicate and full, and can effectively increase the viscosity of the product, but not sticky mouth, improve taste balance, palatability and good flavor release. In the yogurt, yogurt can give a good organizational structure, so that the delicate taste of its uniform, smooth taste; products do not heat the water, and extend shelf life.

Agar low temperature instant agar

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