Low Temperature Instant Agar Maker

Agar agar, name, Yuuna Yona, frozen powder, agar, agar agar agar, agar agar, and fine silk, is a kind of plant gum, often made of seafood, seaweed Gracilaria, Eucheuma, solid colorless, no fixed shape, soluble in hot water. It is widely used in food industry and is also used as a bacterial culture medium.

Qingdao Dehui halobios is a professional manufacturer of low temperature instant agar agar, instant temperature is different from the conventional agar agar, conventional only at 95 DEG C for 10-15 minutes until completely dissolved, and the solution was cloudy, opaque. Qingdao Dehui Marine Biotechnology Co. Ltd. in 2012 (patent technology, manufacturing low temperature instant agar patent number: 201210275790.5), in the low temperature of 55-60 DEG C under 5-7 minutes can be completely dissolved, and the solution of high transparency. For example, in the process of yogurt production, the cold chemical material can be directly adopted, and the energy of the chemical material of the factory is greatly saved, and the use is convenient. This product has the same performance as the imported products, even some of the products are superior to imported products. Suitable for flavored yoghurt, can effectively resist mechanical shear, improve yoghurt morphology, make products taste smooth and delicate, and has a good sense of accumulation and good flavor release, prevent whey products in shelf period precipitation, enhance the stability of yogurt system, improve the quality of products.

Qingdao Tak Hui marine Bio Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of natural edible colloid, is committed to providing food texture overall solution. We always uphold the "Li Dexin, Wyse industrial" business philosophy, the spirit of "pay attention to the quality of health care, as in the past" sense of responsibility, for the Chinese food industry, for the health of the Chinese people to contribute to a positive energy! We have a strong R & D team and a line of equipment, instruments, to meet the reasonable needs of our customers, welcomed the new and old customers to guide!