Manufacturing Technology Of Low Temperature Instant Carrageenan

Carrageenan, also called carrageenan, is extracted from red algae polysaccharide of natural plant gum, widely used in the field of food industry, chemical industry, medical and biochemical research etc.. Carrageenan is a hydrophilic colloid, which has the characteristics of gel, thickening, emulsification, stability and dispersion. It is used in jellies, dairy products, ice cream, fruit juice drinks, meat products, condiments and so on. It can be made into jelly powder, soft sweets powder, pudding powder, meat product, thickening agent, etc..

Carrageenan can improve the water retention of the product, and because of its complex with proteins, provide quite a good organizational structure, the product has a delicate, good elasticity, good slice, brittle moderate, tender and tasty. Phosphates can improve the taste of meat products. Cushioning PH is worth changing, making meat products resilient, chewy and soft and juicy.

Carrageenan, low temperature, instant carrageenan

The invention of Qingdao Dehui marine biotechnology limited company discloses a technique for preparing a low temperature instant carrageenan, the specific steps will help solvent added to the seaweed glue or carrageenan and solvent boil until completely dissolved, through high pressure or ultra high pressure processing equipment, the plate frame filter press dewatering, microwave drying and sterilizing to suitable for water, and then crushing and sieving, get low temperature instant products (physical modification of carrageenan) or by high pressure or high pressure processing equipment, the low temperature spray drying to obtain instant products (physical modification of carrageenan) or by high pressure or high pressure processing equipment, the single frozen machine cryopreservation, thawing, filter and screw machine extrusion, drying and crushing to obtain the low temperature instant products (physical modification of carrageenan). The low temperature instant carrageenan produced by the preparation technique of the invention has the characteristics of quick dissolution at low temperature.

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