Meat Products Carrageenan Manufacturers

Carrageenan products are generally white or pale yellow powder, odorless, tasteless, and some products Shaodai seaweed flavor. There are many kinds of carrageenan, and K is often used as carrageenan. Carrageenan has good solubility, carrageenan can dissolve in hot water, in cold water, carrageenan and carrageenan sodium salt can also be dissolved, but carrageenan potassium salt and calcium salt can only water absorption, expansion and not dissolved. Gels formed by carrageenan are thermally reversible, i.e., heating, condensing, melting into a solution, and forming a gel when the solution is cooled.

Carrageenan can be applied to meat category, ham products production. It can strengthen the water retention of the product, and because it can be complexed with protein, it provides a good organizational structure, so that the product is delicate, flexible, good slice, tough and crisp, medium, tender and refreshing. Carrageenan is an additive for making ham, ham and so on.

Carrageenan for ham, braised pork and other bulk products, preserved by saline injection. The first mixed curing agent is dissolved in water, then add 0.3%-0.4% carrageenan made its dispersion and absorb water, with curing liquid, and then use the polyhead saline injection machine will bepreserved liquid injected into the meat in the blank, vacuum roll kneading machine in rolling, the meat into tissues. During the operation, attention should be paid to the dissolution and dispersion of carrageenan. Otherwise, the injection machine needle can be blocked and the gel block appears in the finished product.

Carrageenan for minced products, can be mixed curing agent, carrageenan dissolved to prepare a marinade and marinate for 24 hour at 0-4 DEG C, and then chopping; carrageenan as binder in restructured meat product, the livestock and poultry meat with compound curing agent for curing and in the use of 0.4% Cara crumb or dispersion with minced meat mixing, filling ripening and molding. In the use of carrageenan, should be based on the needs of products and carrageenan properties, flexibility in the formulation of processes and methods.

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