Meat Products Carrageenan Manufacturers

Carrageenan is extracted from Eucheuma, referred to as the antlers dish of seaweed polysaccharides, because of the difference between different species and provenances of Eucheuma and processing technology, the carrageenan are not the same. The relative molecular weight of commodity carrageenan is above 100 thousand Dalton. At present, the main commercial production has: Kappa (Kappa) - type carrageenan, Iota (Aota) - type carrageenan and Lambda (Lamda) - type carrageenan. Because of the small structural differences, the properties and uses of carrageenan are very different. Kappa type of carrageenan in water can form reversible, hard and brittle gel, Iota type carrageenan can form thermally reversible, soft and elastic gel, Lambda type carrageenan will not form a gel, but the thickening effect. Therefore, the carrageenan used in meat products is mostly Kappa type carrageenan.

Carrageenan is important water in meat ingredients, in general, starch water ratio 1:2; water absorption ratio of soybean protein is 1:4; and the water absorption ratio of carrageenan can reach 1:40-50; it is entirely due to the special properties of carrageenan. First, to carrageenan molecular structure contains strong anionic sulfate group, and free water form additional hydrogen bond; second, carrageenan and protein reaction to form three-dimensional structure and strong gel; the combination of these two points, we can firmly carrageenan free water to "lock". Carrageenan gel is usually formed by thermal reversible gel, which melts into a solution and forms gel when cooled. Capa - carrageenan can be dissolved in general more than 70 DEG C in the hot water, cooling after the formation of strong but weak reversible gel, the gel strength, viscosity and other characteristics depends largely on the different types and molecular weight, system pH, salt, oxidant, alcohol and other colloidal coexistence status.

Contain a lot of protein in meat products, divided into water-soluble protein, salt soluble protein and hard protein, they give carnivorous high-quality taste, but after a long time processing, heat treatment, a lot of protein denaturation, decomposition. Cause the powder texture of meat products, as well as dehydration, shrinkage, etc.. Carrageenan is a strong anionic colloid, energy and protein (amino acid) of the polar part of the reaction to other water soluble protein, salt soluble protein and add more effective combination of carrageenan gel system in formation, water retention combined with carrageenan, can improve meat products greatly texture. Make meat products flexible, chewy and juicy, so as to maximize the taste and smell molecules in meat products.

Different substances have different properties because of its chemical composition and structure is different, when different materials existing at the same time, often because of their role and impact between the properties changed in different degree. One or more of the food and non food additives (gum gum or edible chemical compound), can meet different process performance requirements, which has a variety of uses, and the synergistic effect between food gum, can also increase the use effect, reduce the use amount, in order to reduce the cost effect. The formation of strong and brittle type kappa carrageenan gel, the dehydration shrinkage in meat products in the application will adversely, but when used with other chemical compound colloid and edible, have gel, thickening, emulsification, dispersion stability, film and other excellent performance. Meat products have different requirements on the properties of carrageenan because of their many categories, various processing techniques, large differences in the quality of the products, and great differences in formula costs. Therefore, the different types of meat products used in different types of carrageenan, there is a big difference in the composition. This is also an important aspect of measuring the technical level of carrageenan manufacturers.

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