Meat Products Carrageenan Where Cheap?

In meat processing, meat products are usually added into carrageenan to improve the quality, and the main mechanism is:

1. meat products carrageenan assisted protein gel

Protein of meat yield, taste, quality, because the protein reactivity of carrageenan, carrageenan and protein molecule long chain, network can enhance the gel strength of proteins, which are similar to add protein.

2. meat products carrageenan and ion action

The negative ionic property of carrageenan, which acts with polar water molecules via hydrogen bonds or metal ions, can increase the water holding capacity of protein networks.

3. meat products, carrageenan and fat

Carrageenan monomer fatty reaction is not strong, should be supplemented by other Paul oil in water type colloid, referred to as meat carrageenan, can effectively enhance the quality of the meat products, so the product and production process of different requirements, we need a different formula.

4. carrageenan and meat products

The purpose of injection roller kneading is to fully contact the protein in the meat fiber, such as phosphate, salt and carrageenan, and extract the salt soluble protein so as to expand the meat fiber. Meat products, carrageenan, are usually pre processed gum products, which swell in cold water and interact with released salt soluble proteins and penetrate into the meat fiber. The main products are ham, square leg, Bacon and so on.

The purpose of chopping is to mix and blend the water, the material and the broken meat fiber, protein and fat by mechanical shredding and mixing. The meat is generally semi refined carrageenan, and with high viscosity emulsifying effect of materials, improve the chopping material viscosity and water retention and emulsification. The main products are enema, sandwiches and so on.

After heat treatment, meat protein thermal denaturation solidification structure is formed of carrageenan half ester sulfate salt group end and meat protein, hydroxyl end and water, each other also gel effect, can effectively improve the network structure strength of protein, strong water lock in the network, and increase water retention adhesion.

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