Method For Using Flaxseed Gum

How about flaxseed gum?

Applications in meat products: flaxseed gum added to meat products is the same as carrageenan. Flaxseed gum can be chopped, mixed, injected, stirred, rolled, kneaded and added. It can be added in low temperature sausage, and also suitable for use in high temperature sausage. It can be added alone or added with carrageenan.

1, viscosity, water holding: at room temperature, 1% flaxseed gum solution viscosity is above 300mpa..S. It has a water absorption ratio of 1:20 in the sausage, and it keeps the strength and elasticity. The utility model is characterized in that the intestinal energy can be stored for a long time without releasing water, and the shelf life and the shelf life of the meat products are prolonged.

2, frost resistance: flaxseed gum antifreeze and prevent starch retrogradation function, is currently the best in all edible gum.

3, emulsification and oil preservation: flaxseed gum has a good emulsification effect on fat, and it is one of the most emulsifying gums in edible gum. The use of flaxseed gum can increase the amount of fat, fragrant and not greasy. The body of flaxseed gum is well adhered, oil free, clean and dry.

4, the taste, the slice of flaxseed gum can be combined with starch, protein and meat, natural organic gel formation. This gel has good elasticity, slice, starch significantly reduced, increased sensuality, tender taste smooth, sticky mouth.

5, add incense: add flaxseed gum of intestinal fitness, taste a kind of delicate fragrance, and reduce the amount of essence.

6. The synergistic effect of flaxseed gum and other gums: the combination of flaxseed gum and carrageenan makes the gel toughness of carrageenan increase, and prolongs the water holding time, and combines the advantages of both, so as to complement each other.

Used in sausage production: 1. Adding quantity: flaxseed gum is added as 0.4-0.6% of sausage product. 2, add method: A chopped sausage: add directly. B roll and rub the intestines: mix with other ingredients first, and avoid the lump in the water.

Flaxseed gum

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