Qingdao Dehui Chairman Yang Songtao Attended The China Linseed Industry Development Discussion Conference

On May 26, By The CCOA, Department of commerce of Ningxia hui autonomous region, Ningxia Grain Administration, The people 's government of Wuzhong jointly organized, Jiangnan University、Organization department of municipal party committee、Jinji industrial park management committee of Wuzhong Wuzhong city business bureau, Wuzhong grain bureau, ningxia Junxingfang food technology co., LTD.

Jointly undertake the second China BBS and flax seed industry development in ningxia flaxseed protein products and scientific research academician workstation the ceremony in wuzhong city smoky hotel grand opening. 

Yang songtao, chairman of Qingdao dehui corporation, attended the BBS and posed with Chen junshi, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering and general advisor of the national food safety risk assessment center.

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The study of ningxia linseed product and protein science research center was established to study the rapid and effective decolor technology of flaxseed. High nutrition and high stability of linseed oil production process; High oil content and high activity of linseed oil nutrition dietary supplement processing technology; The preparation process of linseed protein peptide.

This BBS theme is the development of health industry and flaxseed product, and has been highly valued by relevant ministries and commissions of the state. It has attracted the active participation of many leading experts from the political field to the scientific research field, The present situation and prospect of the cultivation of Chinese linseed seeds from the changes of the nutrition status of Chinese residents and the intervention strategies, From the market of special food and innovation to the present situation and the idea of fund distribution, A series of excellent speeches and unique insights will enhance the awareness and attention of the whole nation on the development of linseed industry, It is of great significance to optimize the layout of flax seed industry and promote the development of featured food industry.