Release Agent

Release agent is a cross between the mold and finished between functional substances. Release agents, chemical resistance, and chemical composition of different resins (especially styrene and amines) does not dissolve upon contact. Release agent also has the properties of heat and stress, is not easy to break down or wear; release agents bond to die does not transfer to be processed on the workpiece, without prejudice to the paint or other secondary process operations. Due to injection molding, extrusion, calendering, molding and lamination process of rapid development, release agents also significantly improved.

Release agent was used in two easy to an interface of coating adhesion surfaces, surfaces can be easily separated from it, smooth and clean.

Release agents are widely used in metal casting, polyurethane foams and elastomers, glass fiber-reinforced plastics, injection molding of thermoplastics, vacuum foam sheet and extrusion molding operations. Molded, sometimes other plastic additives such as plasticizers, seep into the interface, you need a remover to get rid of it.