Release Agent

Release agents, as the name suggests is separation of additives, specifically referred to in the different areas are different. Common as film release agent in rubber processing, is a type of operational additives, its main function is to prevent bonding surface of the film or semi-finished products, commonly used during the glue and glue the plastic mixing, mixing, pressing and forming operations. Other areas, such as concrete release, laminated steel sheet in annealing process, will also play a similar role in the barrier. In addition, in the cosmetics industry there are some so-called UV barrier.

Film release agent:

In the processing of rubber, because of its unique self adhesive, bring a lot of inconvenience to the large-scale industrial production, especially for rubber plastic and rubber removal and reprocessing cause a lot of trouble. In order to reduce trouble, rubber product manufacturers tend to mix before finally finished, such as handling, storage and transportation before mixing, extrusion, compression and heat before mixing, in the corresponding film coated with a layer of isolation agent in order to prevent film each other.

Isolation mechanism: is the barrier itself and the great difference in solubility of rubber, rubber film after coating release agent, forming a thin layer of separation between the rubber film, blocks or reduces adhesion between the film and film, to facilitate the process.