Rubber Release Agents

Rubber release agents, stearic acid derivatives, special anti-adherent, special surfactants, organic combination of ultrafine powder materials.


Appearance: white powder

PH value (3% aqueous solution): 9~11

Ash 55.0%~70.0%


Release agent components are similar to rubber components, does not affect the glue curing rate does not affect the physical and mechanical properties of rubber.

Excellent isolation and keeps longer, film storage well more than a month of isolation.

In the configuration process of aqueous dispersion of rubber goods, fewer bubbles.

This product is a slightly alkaline, non-corrosive equipment.

Does not contain harmful substances, is harmless to human body.


Stored in an indoor, dry storage for a period of 18 months. More than storage period, pass the test can still be used.


Effective prevention of adhesion of films, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

The amount of

Concentration of 2%~4% can be adjusted according to the rubber type, seasons.