Tender Water Retaining Glue

Tender water retention glue is made up of konjac powder, guar gum, xanthan gum and other colloidal components, and strictly enforce standard GB 26687-2011. Tender water adhesive has excellent characteristics: 1. dry powder, simple process; 2. can replace phosphate, carrageenan, protein powder, water retaining agent, used alone can improve the meat production rate of more than 50%; 3. with meat protein on the cooperative binding ability of water, water retention effect, preserving moisture of jellied meat after thawing thawing without dehydration 4.; tenderize meat high brightness, boiled, fried and good taste. Tender scope of water is the main adhesive steak, chicken, meat and other products or conditioning Liu; patty, Bacon, and other processed products in hamburg.

Method for using tender water retaining glue:

1. material preparation: fresh meat, sliced or diced for slow pretreatment, and according to the flesh: ice water: This product =40:20:1 powder (reference ratio) for each material;

2. place the prepared meat into a vacuum roller or a vacuum low speed mixer and add the product evenly to the roll or low speed mixer;

3. dissolve the marinade in low temperature water and add it evenly to the roller mill or low speed mixer;

4. turn on roll kneading machine or low speed mixer. Vacuum, roll, knead or low speed, stirring for 20-100 minutes until the meat surface is dry, so that the water is absorbed completely by meat;

5. pour into the stock and keep overnight at the low temperature;

6. bagging quick-frozen.

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