The Difference Between Konjac Gum And Konjac Flour

Konjac flour is made from pure konjac flour, and the taste is astringent. After eating directly, the body will produce allergic reactions. And konjac gum is refined on the basis of konjac fine powder, is an excellent slimming health products. Moreover, the flavor of konjac flour itself is very heavy, and the konjac gum is purified and its flavor is weak.

Konjac is a rhizome plant, also known as glucomannan. Our country has a very wide planting area. Perennial herbs yielding slightly toxic konjak. Konjac is a big family, there are about hundreds of China, there are more than 30 species, is widely used, using konjac food made from hundreds of kinds, and the study proved that it has anti-cancer, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic, laxative and other functions. Konjac has a variety of disease prevention and health care functions, often eating konjac food is very good for the body.


Konjac contains glucomannan, is a high polymer compound, has a strong water absorption, water absorption volume can expand 80-100 times, after eating easily digested and absorbed. And can absorb cholesterol and bile acid, to reduce blood pressure, reduce seizures have a certain effect. Since the binding of monosaccharides is similar to that of cellulose, they do not degrade into monosaccharide absorption in the small intestine, so they are suitable for diabetics who cannot eat too much carbohydrate. Because of this, konjac can be used as the raw material for slimming food.

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