Usage And Function Of Flaxseed Gum

Flaxseed gum, also known as Frank gum, linseed gum. Flaxseed gum is made from the seed or seed of flax as raw material and extracted, concentrated, refined and dried. Flaxseed gum is a new type of food additive. It is widely used in food industry and also in other industries, such as pharmaceutical industry. In the food industry, it can replace pectin, agar, Arabia gum, seaweed glue and so on. It is used as thickener, adhesive, stabilizer, emulsifier and foaming agent.

Flaxseed gum has the characteristics of emulsifying, gelling, foaming, non toxicity, rheology and so on. The following are related features of the introduction:

1. emulsifying properties: the best emulsifying effect is flaxseed gum, and with the increase of flaxseed gum concentration, its emulsifying effect is enhanced.

2. gelling: flaxseed gum is a kind of hydrophilic colloid, and cementing is one of the important functional properties of hydrophilic colloid properties, only partially hydrophilic colloid gelled, such as gelatin, carrageenan, starch and pectin gel forming hydrophilic colloid; some can not, but with its hydrophilic colloid together when forming a gel, such as xanthan gum and locust bean gum. The temperature has a great influence on the viscosity of flaxseed gum. The higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity, and the viscosity of the same concentration is 48 times of the viscosity at 90 degrees centigrade at 0 degrees centigrade. Flaxseed gum has the highest viscosity, pH range of 6-8, no acid or alkaline conditions. The viscosity of flaxseed gum is lower than the neutral condition.

3. foaming: flaxseed gum can be dissolved at any proportion with water to form a uniform glue solution. When the gum solution is added 50% -60% alcohol, it will produce floc precipitation. Flaxseed gum has good foam, glue 0.5% by centrifuge to form foam separation is uniform and stable, only the foam heating to 90 DEG C for half an hour to destroy the foam recovery solution.

4. non-toxic: by the test of flaxseed gum and micronucleus test, the result is negative, so flaxseed gum is non-toxic.

5. rheology: rheological properties of different kinds of extraction of flaxseed gum were analyzed, the results show that the 10g/ L of the linseed gum solution viscosity is about 0. 02~ 0.08 Pa - s, and the viscosity increased with concentration increasing, and decreased with the increase of shear rate. The effect of temperature on the apparent viscosity of flaxseed gum solution conforms to the Arrhenius model, and the activation energy is 271.48 kJ/ mol. The pH value of flaxseed gum solution apparent viscosity influence, in acidic conditions, with the decrease of pH, the apparent viscosity decreased; under alkaline conditions, with the increase of pH value, apparent viscosity gradually decreased; under neutral condition, flaxseed gum, the apparent viscosity of the solution reached the maximum value.

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