Use Of Konjac Gum

Konjac is a perennial herb Araceae, has a long history of cultivation in China's southwestern region and the central and Western regions. The main components of konjac glucomannan, is a low calorie, low protein, high dietary fiber foods, more than ten kinds of amino acids and trace elements and rich in the human body needs, as a functional food, has certain curative effect on hypertension, obesity, diabetes, constipation, can detoxify toxins and waste, prevention. Colon cancer. It also has many physical and chemical characteristics such as water solubility, thickening, stability, suspension, gel, film forming and bonding. Therefore, it is a natural health food and an ideal food additive.

Konjac use as food or food additives widely as thickeners and stabilizers can be added to jelly, jam, fruit juice, vegetable juice, ice cream, ice cream and other drinks, solid drink, seasoning powder and soup powder; as a binder can be added to noodles, rice noodles, twisted skin, Rice-meat dumplings, ham sausage, bread and cakes in order to enhance muscle strength and maintain a fresh state; as the gel can be added to a variety of candy, candy and crystal sugar, can also be used to produce bionic food; slimming effect of konjac gum in China at present there are 19 kinds of records of konjac, was developed using mainly white konjac konjac and two. The researchers found that white konjac glucomannan content was 60% (dry basis), than the flowers and other types of Amorphophallus konjac are much higher quality of Amorphophallus albus in the best, to lose weight, slimming, detoxification effect is the best.

Konjac gum konjac flour

Health function of konjak:

Weight loss: the main component of konjak is KGM, which is an edible vegetable fiber and is not easily digested. KGM very low heat, and has a strong water absorption, viscosity, expansion rate is high, into the stomach after gastric absorption can be expanded 20 times to 100 times, satiety, fully satisfy the people's diet pleasure but not fattening, do not need to diet, can achieve a balanced diet in order to achieve the desired weight loss the effect of.

Anti cancer: konjac in gastrointestinal retention period can absorb intestinal, stomach cholesterol, and promote its excretion. KGM has a certain effect on bile secretion, which can prevent the absorption of cholesterol to the human body and can effectively interfere with the metabolic function of cancer cells. Konjac gel into the human intestinal tract after the formation of pore size ranging from semi permeable membrane attached to the intestinal wall, can prevent harmful substances including carcinogens invasion, so as to control detoxification, such as thyroid cancer, gastric cardia cancer, colon cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer effect.

Calcium supplementation: experiments show that the calcium content in Konjac food is easy to elute, especially in acidic solution, the elution rate of calcium is higher. When people eat konjac, konjac Jiaolan contact with gastric acid, calcium began to melt, and then absorbed from the stomach, so as to achieve the role of calcium.

Clean stomach: after eating konjac digestion and absorption slow, a large number of soluble plant fiber to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, can reduce the harmful substances in the stomach, intestines and gallbladder in the retention time, effectively protect the gastric mucosa, clean the stomach wall.

Detoxification laxative: its rich plant cellulose, to help activate intestinal function, speed up excretion of harmful toxins in the body, prevent and reduce intestinal tract disease, disease occurs.

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