What Is Agar?

Is the use of high-quality natural agar agar, Gracilaria vegetables, seaweed and other natural seaweed as raw material, using scientific methods refined natural polymer polysaccharide substances. Contains a variety of elements in agar, and has Qingre, appetizersspleen health function.

Agar mainly consists of agarose and agar pectin two parts. Agarose, as a gel, is a non-ionic polysaccharide without sulfate (salt). Agar pectin belongs to the Non Gel part, and is a complex polysaccharide formed from sulfates (salts), glucuronic acid and pyruvic aldehyde, and is also the part in commercial production. Commercial agar usually contains sulfates (salts), pyruvic acid, aldehydes and methyl ethyl.

The agar color of the industry is from white to yellowish, with a gelatinous, odourless, or slightly distinctive odor. Agar is hydrophilic colloid, divided into strip and powder, insoluble in cold water, soluble in boiling water, soluble in hot water. Agar has unique importance in industry. Even the concentration of agar, even as low as 1%, can form a fairly stable gel. It is a necessary raw material for the food industry, chemical industry and medical research.

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