What Is Konjac Flour?

Konjac flour is one of the most common foods in daily life. It is more convenient to eat konjak into powder. What's the advantage of konjac flour? Here I will tell you a lot about the effect of konjac flour!

1. konjac glucomannan can effectively inhibit intestinal cholesterol and bile acid fat decomposition and absorption of the material, promote fat excretion, reducing fat and cholesterol into the blood, decrease in serum total cholesterol and glycerin three greases, therefore can prevent hypertension, high blood lipid and cardiovascular disease.

2. studies showed that konjac special hydrogel fiber bundle, to maintain a certain degree of intestinal filling, promote peristalsis of bowel, stool softening, accelerated defecation rate, reduce intestinal pressure, relieve constipation pain.

3. konjac special beam hydrogel fiber, can promote intestinal toxicity of heavy metal elements and food quickly ruled out, reduce the contact time of hazardous substances and the intestinal wall, preventing the intestinal absorption of these substances, removal of stomach and intestine, gallbladder in the retentate, effectively reduce the probability of harmful bacterial infection of the colon and rectum cancer. The ideal health food.

4. because of the high viscosity of konjac glucomannan, enhanced digesta viscosity, delaying the retention time of intragastric chyme paste, and form a protective film on the intestinal wall, effectively inhibit the increased blood glucose and urine glucose values. Experts at home and abroad have confirmed that konjac food is an ideal food for diabetics. It has the effect of reducing blood sugar, improving symptoms and controlling the disease.

5.100 grams of konjac natural food containing about 43 milligrams of calcium, more importantly, its calcium content is easily dissolved, absorbed by the body, the rich calcium is also preferred calcium first choice.

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