What Is Konjac Gum?

Konjac is a perennial herb Araceae, has a long history of cultivation in China's southwestern region and the central and Western regions. The main components of konjac glucomannan, is a low calorie, low protein, high dietary fiber foods, more than ten kinds of amino acids and trace elements and rich in the human body needs, as a functional food, has certain curative effect on hypertension, obesity, diabetes, constipation, can detox toxins and waste, prevention colon cancer. It also has many physical and chemical characteristics, such as water solubility, thickening, stability, suspension, gel, film forming and bonding. Therefore, it is a natural health food and an ideal food additive.

Konjac gum also known as konjac powder, is extracted from the herb of konjac tuber, the main ingredient is glucomannan, it is a kind of non-ionic water-soluble polysaccharide, as a natural and healthy food, raw materials or ingredients, has been widely used in drinks, jelly, ice cream, meat products, flour products in food, with the continuous demand for health, natural, low-fat foods, konjac gum because of its unique features, will show its huge application space.

Konjac gum has the characteristics of health care, thickening, emulsifying, adhesion, water absorption, with food processing technology, the application of konjac gum is more and more widely, as a kind of food raw materials or ingredients, konjac gum gradually shows great market prospect.

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